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Bangladesh is one of the world's most densely populated countries with more than 160 million people and it is one of the most populous nations in the world and known for monsoon, flooding every year, typhoon, tropical cyclone and whom live below the national poverty line.

Our aims and activities include: 

Flood Shelter 1. Medical Aid.

2. Ramadhan Gift.

3. Support Flood Victims.

4. Winter Clothing Distribution.

Tube-Well5. Eid Gift.

6. Sewing Machine Distribution among Poor.

7. Build Tube-Wells.

8. Hafiz Sponsorship.

Feeding Food for Poor9. Orphan Sponsorship.

10. Financial Support for Widows.

11. Support for Elderlies who has no Children or Income.

12. Providing Financial Support towards the Educational Needs of Children from Deprived Families.

Building Madrasa13. Helping to deliver education by building/maintaining or financial support for Masjids and Madrassas (Islamic schools).

14. Building Shelter for the Homeless.

15. Support Crop Victims.

16. Financial Support for Dawah Projects.

17. Maternity Help.

18. Financial Support Very Poor Family/Children to get Married.

19. Establish Skill Centres.

20. World Wide Disaster Zone Victims/Appeal.