These video's are just to remind people and investigate for themselves, why these famous stars reverted to Islam, when they are very famous and filthy rich, in a time when media is portraying Islam as barbaric, fundamentalist, terrorist, suicide bombers etc. making the environment atmosphere where ever you are unfriendly, pretty scary and freightening when you hear about Islam or Muslims.

Famous Reverts to Islam and News Reports


CCTV: Hispanic Muslim converts in U.S.
RT News: Islam The Fastest Growing Religion In Britain - Over 100,000+ Converts
American convert to Islam...Fox News Report



Famous Reverts To Islam, Cassius Clay, Cat Stevens Lewis Alcindo

Mike Tyson convert to Islam
Islam: Muhammad Ali Famous Boxer and Will Smith


Lauren Booth's (Tony Blairs Sister...)
Celeberty Convert to Islam
American Army Commander Convert to Islam 2012


I Hated Islam - I Hated Muslims - I hated The Qur'an
Al-Jazeera: A Jewish revert to Islam talks about the Arafah.


BBC1:Why Islam fastest religon in the U.K? Muslim Converts
Sunrise Show: Australia- 3 Young Muslim Converts
RT News: Many Americans converting to Islam despite growing islamaphobia


These are but a few examples of the thousands that have converted to Islam, Allah knows best. However, there have been many reports throughout the media concerning Micheal becoming or became Muslim and changed his name to Mikaeel. Allah knows best as to their veracity.

In sha Allah, the message will come to you and your heart will be changed.

In the Qur'an it says:

...They plot and plan, and Allah too plans, but the best of planners is Allah. [Surah Al-Anfal 8:30, Translated A.Yusuf Ali]


More video's in the near future, In sha Allah.