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Dua when sneezing

الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ

"All praise is for Allah".



When hearing someone sneeze

Say to the one who sneezes:
يَرْحَمُكَ اللَّهُ
"May Allah have mercy on you".
The person sneezing should then reply
يَهْدِيكُمُ اللَّهُ وَيُصْلِحُ بَالَكُمْ
"May Allah keep you on hidayat (guidance) and make proper your condition.

If the sneezing person dose not recite "Alhamdulillaah" then it is not necessary to reply but if he does say so then it is waajib reply.
If the sneezing person has flu or any other difficulty which results in repeated sneezes then it is not necessary to reply after the third time.


Allah subhan wata'ala knows best.



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