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Islamic Stories

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  1. A man argues that wine should be halal

  2. Do you know what will happen if War Starts?

  3. A True Muslim Leader

  4. Are you ready for your turn?

  5. Army of Elephants

  6. Bride Dowry (Price) for a Poor Man

  7. Do you know what is Attahiyaatu?

  8. Files of Your Life

  9. Imam Abu Hanifa and the Drunk Man

  10. Knowledge against Shaytan

  11. Non-Muslim question many questions?

  12. The Last Man Who Enters Heaven (Jannah)

  13. The Pious Monk and Shaitaan

  14. The Prince who left everything for Allah

  15. The Reward of Patience is Praiseworthy

  16. The Sincerity of Hazrat Ali

  17. The Story of Alqamah

  18. Three Tough Questions

  19. What happened before and after the birth of Prophet Muhammad

  20. When our Father irritate Us


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