In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Imam Mahdi (Al-Mahdi)

After a clan of Abu Sufiyan in Syria kills large number of Syeds and rule over Syria and Egypt. During this period there will be a battle, the Muslim ruler of Rome and two parties of Christians. There will be compromise between the Muslims and one party of the Christians. The enemy Christian party will invade Constantinople and the king will be driven out of the country into Syria.

There will be a fierce battle between the enemy Roman party and the Muslims supported by the other Roman party. The Muslims and the friend Roman party will be victorious. There will be a truce of peace between Rome and Muslims [Ahmad].

One day all of a sudden a man from the friend Christian (Nasara) party will announce that victory was gained by the blessings of the Cross. The Muslims will retort by saying that it was because of Islam. Romans will betray their agreement (the pact) and this conflict will take a serious turn and there will be a battle between them resulting in the defeat of the Muslims [Ahmad]. The king will be killed and Syria will also be dominated by the Christians. The surviving Muslims will migrate to Medina and the Christian rule will extend upto Khyber (a place near Medina). Under such circumstances being dismayed and disappointed, the Muslims will become anxious to find out Imam Mahdi to get rid of all the calamities.

Some thirty pretenders (liars) will also appear claiming themselves to be Imam Mahdi [Muslim].


At this time Imam Mahdi will come. His name will be Muhammad [Abu Daawood]. His mother's name will be Aminah and his father's name will be Abdullah [Abu Daawood]. His title will be Al-Mahdi (means one who is guided). So his name will be Muhammad ibn ‘Abd-Allah al-Mahdi, or Ahmad ibn ‘Abd-Allah al-Mahdi. Al-Mahdi will be from Fatimah's [RA] generation, which was the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam). Al-Mahdi will also be from Hasan's [RA] generation (Muhammad grandson) [Abu Daawood].

Al-Mahdi will be an excellent, just and generous ruler [Ahmad]. Allah (swt) will rectify him in a single night [Ahmad] (meaning Allah (swt) will forgive him, guide him, make him understand and make him wise). He will resemble him in character of our Prophet Muhammad but not in appearance [Abu Daawood]. Al-Mahdi will be born in Medina and will grow up there. The king (ruler) of the Muslims in Medina will die. Everyone will want Al-Mahdi to become King, but Al-Mahdi will not want to become the king [Abu Daawood] (either because of the trials associated with being a leader or because he is fearing trials). Whoever among you reaches that period, then go to them, even if you have to crawl on ice [Ibn Majah].

Al-Mahdi will go to Makkah. The Muslims will look for him and find him (recognized by some pious persons). Around the Ka'bah the Muslims will all start to Bait (pledge allegiance) to him between the Rukn (i.e. the Black Stone) [Abu Daawood]. When the Muslims will bear allegiance to him, a voice will be heard, "This is Caliph of Allah - Al-Mahdi." Everyone will hear this voice.

Al-Mahdi will then become the Calipha, and he will be very well known throughout the world. The King (clan of Abu Sufian) of Syria at that time will be envious of Al-Mahdi and will send an army to try and overthrow him. When the army reaches the area between Makkah and Medina in the foot of a hill (area Al-Baidaa), the entire army will sink (swallowed up) [Abu Daawood] except for two men. One man will go back to his King and tell him that the entire army has sunk. The other person will go to Makkah and tell Al-Mahdi that they came with an army, but it sank into the ground. He will then bear allegiance to him.

When people find this out that Al-Mahdi's enemy have sunk into the earth, he will become even better known and famous. This will happen at the time when the Christians will govern between the area of Syria, and city Khyber, in Arabia. Turkey will also be under Christian rule.

Al-Mahdi will gather an army (black flags will emerge from Khuraasaan) together to fight against the Christians. The king of Persia (Iran), whose name will be Mansoor, will lead a big army to help Al-Mahdi [Abu Daawood]. When the Christians, find out that the Muslims are getting together, they will gather their army from all corners. Rome, Arabia, and assemble in Syria. At this time, the Christian military will have eighty different flags (banners). Under each flag there will be twelve thousand soldiers [Al-Bukhari] (10,000 soldiers [Ahmad]). Al-Mahdi will move from Makkah to Medina. From there, he will go to Syria. The war between both armies will take place near Damascus. One part of Al-Mahdi's army will run away, another part will be martyred, and the third part will defeat the Christians under Al-Mahdi's leadership [Ibn Majah]. Al-Mahdi will win the war, but many Muslims will be martyred.

After this Syrian war, Imam Mahdi will go with his army to Istanbul (Constantinople) and fight the non-Muslims there, with the help of Allah(swt). They will not fight with weapons nor arrows but they will conquer Constantinople with At-Tasbeeh. All they will say is, 'Laailaha illallah wallaahuakbar (None has the right to be worshipped but Allah, and Allah is the Greatest)', and one of its two side will fall (fortress wall). After the third At-Tasbeeh all side will fall and a way will be made for them to enter [Muslim].

After all this a day will come when Al-Mahdi will hear the news that Dajjal has come. He will send some horsemen to find out if this news is true. When these people return, they will say that this news is false. When Al-Mahdi hears the news that the coming of the Dajjal is false, people will start living a better life, but after a very short while, Dajjal will appear...


 Allah subhanwata'ala knows best.

Source :
  • Ibn Kathir's history book Al-Bidaayah Wan-Nihaayah (The Beginning and the End)
  • Bahishti Zewar (Heavenly Ornaments) by Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi


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