In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful


The word 'Ibadah comes from the Arabic 'Abd', which means slave or servant. Man is a born subject and servant of Allah(swt). When he turns to Allah with humility and devotion, he performs an act of 'Ibadah. 'Ibadah is a means for purifying man's physical and spiritual life. In Islam, every good deed performed to seek the pleasure of Allah(swt) is an act of worship.

The obligatory rituals of 'Ibadah are:-

    • Prayers (Salah)
    • Fasting (Saum)
    • Zakah
    • Pilgrimage (Hajj)
    • Struggling (Jihad) in the ways of Allah(swt).

These along with Iman are often called the pillars of Islam. Islam is an integral whole. It covers all aspects of man's life. The pillars unite all human activities, spiritual and material, individual and collective.

The obligatory rituals of 'Ibadah make 'faith' (Iman) to play a practical and effective role in the human life. 'Ibadah is therefore something positive. It is the means by which the faithfuls can serve Allah(swt) as well as their fellow men.

The Salah is an essential part of 'Ibadah'. Salah is the pillar of Islam and whosoever abandons it, demolishes the very pillar of religion.


Allah subhanwata'ala knows best.


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