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Islamic Quiz v1.0 by NasirIslam.com

  1. Muhajireen?

    to Medinah.
  2. Who is Sahabah?

  3. Radhi Allahu Anhu (ra)?

  4. What is the name of present country which use to be called Abyssinia?

  5. Tawheed?

  6. Aqeedah?

  7. Who is Kiraaman Kaatibeen?

  8. A person praying alone?

  9. Name the first famous battle?

  10. Birth of Prophet Muhammad (saw)?

  11. Me'raaj - from which masjid did our Prophet take the journey to Seven Heavens on the Buraq?

  12. Where is Baitul Ma'mun (New batch of 70,000 angels visit every day)?

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