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  1. Iblis refused to bow down to this Prophet because he thought that he was superior since he was created from fire and this Prophet from clay ?

  2. Prophet Dawud (as) could control Jinn?

  3. Which Prophet will combat against the Massih-Adajjal?

  4. Which Prophet had left his wife and son in the dessert Makkah?

  5. Which Prophet was born in year of Elephant?

  6. Which Prophet is associated to the incident of Isra al-Miraj?

  7. Which Prophet had interpreted the famous dream of Egyptian king about famine?

  8. Which Prophet had led the Salah of all the Prophets in Masjid Al-Aqsa?

    Dawud (as)
  9. Who was granted the book Zabur (Psalms)?

  10. Birth of Prophet Muhammad (saw)?

  11. Miraj - from which masjid did our Prophet take the journey to Seven Heavens on the Buraq?

  12. Who is the first human to carry pen?

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