In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

We shall show them Our signs on the horizons and within themselves until it will be manifest to them that it is the Truth. Does your Lord not suffice, since He is Witness over all things? How! Are they still in doubt about the meeting with their Lord? Is not He surrounding all things? [SURAH FUSSILAT 41:53-54]


Signs of Qiyamah [Judgement Day]

Some Early Signs

  • The Conquest of Jerusalem. [Bukhari]
  • Muslims would Conquer Egypt. [Muslim]
  • End of the Persian and Roman Empires. [Bukhari & Muslim]
  • Umar's (ra) Murder.

Minor Signs of the Last Hour

  • Every 100 years, Allah (swt) will send for this Nation (or those) who will revive the affairs of the religion. [Abu Daawood]
  • Trials will Divide the Nation (in to sects) and Safety will be in adhering to the Al-Jamaa'ah. [Ibn Maajah]
  • Many wrongdoers will be Destroyed, even if there are Righteous people among them. [Bukhari]
  • When Man obeys his Wife but disobeys his Mother. [at-Tirmidhee]
  • When Voices are Raised in the Masjids. [at-Tirmidhee]
  • When Silk will be Worn (by men). [at-Tirmidhee]
  • When Zakaat is taken unwillingly from the people (as if they feel it is a burden or tax). [at-Tirmidhee]
  • Sham, Iraq, Egypt will be prevented from its dirham/dinar (a currency) and its measurement. [Muslim]
  • Various Wines will be Consumed Excessively. [at-Tirmidhee]
  • Music and Musical Instruments will be found in every home. [at-Tirmidhee]
  • Till the People Compete with one another in Constructing High Buildings. [Bukhari]
  • The Masjid will be Decorated, but the Hearts of the people will be devoid of guidance.
  • People will establish ties with Strangers and sever relations with their near and dear ones. [at-Tirmidhee]
  • People will indulge in Homosexuality.
  • There will be an Abundance of illegitimate Children.
  • There will be an abundance of Critics, Tale-Carriers, Back- Biters and Taunters in Society.
  • When women with children come displeased on account of them bearing offspring, and barren women remain happy on account of having no responsibility of offspring.
  • When Oppression, Jealousy and Greed become the order of the day.
  • When Violence, Bloodshed and Anarchy become Common.
  • When Immorality overtakes Shamelessness and is perpetrated publicly.
  • Gangsters and Evil people will Prevail. [at-Tirmidhee]
  • When untrustworthy people will be regarded as trustworthy and the trustworthy will be regarded as untrustworthy. [Bukhari]
  • When legislation matters pertaining to Deen is handed over to the Worst elements of the Ummat. [at-Tirmidhee]
  • When Orators and Lecturers lie openly.
  • When the Offspring become a cause of Grief and Anger (for their parents).
  • Impact of the Tongue is more Harsh than the Impact of the Sword. (When people dispute over petty issues). [Abu Daawood]
  • Till Wealth will be in Abundance ---- So abundant that a wealthy person will worry lest nobody should accept his Zakat, and whenever he will present it to someone, that person (to whom it will be offered) will say, 'I am not in need of it'. [Bukhari]
  • Huge Quantity of Wealth (mountain of gold) that will be Revealed in the Arab lands, and the discord and Death that will result (whoever is present should not take anything from it because from every 100 people, 99 will be killed). [Bukhari & Muslim]
  • Trials that will make the one who adheres to his Religion like one who is grasping embers. [Ahmad]

Major Signs of the Last Hour

  • Sinking (swallowing) of the Earth. Frequent Earth Quakes. Flying of Stones with Severe Winds. [at-Tirmidhee]
  • Transformation of People (parts of a DONAR used on people e.g heart of an animal used on human etc. But some scholars say it might mean actual transformation into animals or appearance). [at-Tirmidhee]
  • Signs that will follow in sequence like the beads of an old necklace after its string is cut (and they fall in sequence). [at-Tirmidhee]
  • Time will pass Quickly [Bukhari]
  • Al-Harj ( killing) will increase. [Bukhari]
  • Afflictions will appear. [Bukhari]
  • General anarchy and bloodshed, which no Arab household will be spared from it. [Bukhari]
  • Till two big groups fight each other whereupon there will be a great number of casualties on both sides and they will be following one and the same religious doctrine. [Bukhari]
  • Then a life of peace as a result of a Peace Agreement between you and the Banil Asfaar
    (Romans) which they will break and attack you with a force consisting of eighty flags and under each flag will be an army of twelve thousand men. [Bukhari]
  • Till the Religious Knowledge is taken away (by the death of religious scholars) [Bukhari]
  • Till a man when passing by a Grave of someone will say, 'Would that I were in his place". [Bukhari]
  • Till about/some thirty Dajjals (liars) appear, and each one of them will claim that he is Allah's Apostle. [Bukhari & Muslim]
  • Islam will Return Strange and New as it had Begun. [Muslim]
  • Rightly guided Khaleefa Al-Mahdi will come. [Sahih Hadith]
  • Until the Meseeh (Esa Ibn Maryam) kills the Ad-Dajjal. [Sahih Hadith]
  • Until Yajooj and Majooj (Gog and Magog). [Qur'an 21:96, 18:85-99 & Sahih Hadith]
  • There will be much Fainting (Or many people will be struck by lightning). [Ahmad]
  • Three Khusoof (swallowing of the earth and all that is on it), the Khasf of the West, East and the Khasf of the Arabian Peninsula. [Muslim, Ahmad]
  • The Smoke that will occur. [Ad-Dukhan (The Smoke) 44:10-16 & Sahih Hadith]
  • The Sun Rising from the West. [Sahih Hadith]
  • The Earth Beast will come out and speak to the people. [Qur'an 27:82 & Muslim]
  • The South Wind (now its North), from which Muslim will die.
  • Destruction of the Ka'bah (destroyed at the hands of Dhee As-Suwaiqatain, who is from Habasha (Ethiopia). [Ahmad]
  • A Fire that will emerge from the East and that will Steer the people (or gather ther people). [Muslim, Ahmad].
  • The Day that the Trumpet will be blown. [Sahih Hadith]
  • End of this World and coming of the HEREAFTER... [Sahih Hadith]

These are some of the selected Signs of the Last Hour, just to give you a ‘Reminder and Warning’.

Allah subhan wata'ala knows best.



  • Ibn Kathir's history book Al-Bidaayah Wan-Nihaayah (The Beginning and the End)
  • Hereafter (Day of Judgement) by Sheik Anwar Al-Awlaki
  • Other source...  


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