Goreeb Trust FundGTF boat

Current Year Fixed Project 1 (completed)

Ramadhan to next Ramadhan 1436–1437 (2015-2016)

  • Hafiz Sponsorship includes Boarding and Food. [1 Year]
  • Ramadhan Gift (29 or 30 days food package). [12 People]
  • Darul Qirat (Ramadhan). [30-40 Students]
  • Eid Gift. [6 Family]
  • Winter Clothing Distribution. [29 People]
  • Financial Support for 2 Elderly Widows. [Support 1 Year]
  • Providing Financial Support towards the Education and Educational Needs of Children from Deprived Families. [5 Full-Time Student, 1 Year]
  • Financial Support for Deprived Family (Elderly widow, her daughter and 2 children). [Support 1 Year]



Project 2(throughout the year)

    • Fidya - Distributed to 3 different places (Madrasa-E-Madinatul Uloom Moulvibazar, Monzul Ali Saheb Eithim Khana & Madrassa Sylhet & elsewhere) to eithim.

    • Mannat (vow) Donation - Distributed in the surrounding area of Derai..

    • Additional Eid Gifts for Eid ul Fitr : Distributed area Moulvibazar. Distributed oil, sugar, flour, noodle, shemai and also money to each families.

    • Additional Eid Gift for Eid ul Adha : Distributed area Moulvibazar. Distributed saree for elderly, oil, sugar, flour, noodle, shemai and also money to each families. Also surrounding area of Derai, distributed oil, onion, garlic, ginger and spices.

    • Medical Aid - Blood Transfusion given to a male.

    • Medical Aid - Towards Kidney Transplant of a male. Both of his kidneys have failed and he is having one of his mothers kidney.

    • Additional Winter Clothing Distribution - [54 People] Area of Moulvibazar.

    • Shelter - Built a house for rickshaw driver and his family in Moulvibazar. His house been left standing for couple of years because he has no means to complete it.

    • Money given towards Imams wages for dawah purpose. Jagannath Pur.

    • Wheel Chair given to disabled 9 year old Sadiqa. Her mother approached other charity organisations for a wheel chair but did not get one. Also poor people from surrounding area of Haydor Pur were helped by our member distributing money himself while he was in Bangladesh towards medical aid, food and feeding poor with prepared food.

    • Towards medical aid - Short of money after operation of removal of gallstones.