Goreeb Trust Fund GTF boat

Fixed Project 1 (completed)

Ramadhan to next Ramadhan 1435–1436 (2014-2015)

  • Hafiz Sponsorship includes Boarding and Food. [1 Year]
  • Ramadhan Gift (29 or 30 days food package). [5 People]
  • Support Flood Victims. *** Note:
  • Winter Clothing Distribution. [30 People]
  • Financial Support for Elderly Family who has no Child and no Income. [Support 1 Year]
  • Providing Financial Support towards the Education and Educational Needs of Children from Deprived Families. [5 Full-Time Student, 1 Year]


*** Note: Only when needed.

Project 2(throughout the year)

    • Medical Aid given to critical condition of a child called Hassan - Jaganathpur

    • Financial Support for Building Shelter (ill-person in Pakistan)

    • Medical Aid given to critical condition of 26 year old Mr Alamgir Hossain from Keshepur.

    • Build Class Room for Madrassa, Derai, Sunamgonj- Starting mid February 2015

    • Dig a big pond (size 53 decimal which is less than 2 kiyar) for the poor/needy public and Madrassa, Derai, Sunamgonj - Average approximately over 500 people will benefit from this project. Started mid February 2015

    • Providing Educational Needs (books for whole year) for Class 6 Students [10 Students], Derai, Sunamgonj - Started from end of December.

    • Zakah Distributed to Village: Parar Gow, Thana: Jagannathpur.

    • Darul Qirat [15-20 Students]. Ramadhan. Derai, Sunamgonj