HoneyHoney is one of nature’s oldest and most treasured sweeteners, so we’re never surprised when we hear about its benefits as a food source. It has occupied a prominent place in traditional medicines throughout world history. It is known that the ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans employed honey for wounds and diseases. In ancient time, honey was seen as a symbol of wealth and happiness. It was associated with strength, beauty and longevity.

The fact is, this caramel-like liquid honey is far better than what most people perceive. Researchers are turning up more and more new evidence of honey's medical benefits in all directions. The benefits of honey don't just stop at satisfying the palate; honey also offers incredible antiseptic, antioxidant and cleansing properties for our body and health, beauty and skin care tips for ladies, and amazing healing properties as a head-to-toe remedy, from eye conjunctivitis to athlete foot.

A great natural source of carbohydrates which provide strength and energy to our bodies, honey is known for its effectiveness in instantly boosting the performance, endurance and reduce muscle fatigue of athletes.

The glucose in honey is absorbed by the body quickly and gives an immediate energy boost, while the fructose is absorbed more slowly providing sustained energy.

Its powerful healing attributes have long been used many years ago and known to promote healing for cuts, cure ailments and diseases, and correct health disorders for generations after generations. This honey not only fights infection and aids tissue healing but also helps reduce inflammation and scarring. It is also used for treating digestive problems such as diarrhea, indigestion, stomach ulcers and gastroenteritis.

Honey has been used for thousands of years to help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with a common cold (sore throats caused by viruses).

Honey considered to be the best remedy for diarrhea when mixed in hot water.


Qur'an mentions about Honey:

Then to eat of all the produce (of the earth) and find with skill the spacious paths of its Lord: there issues from within their bodies a drink of varying colors wherein is healing for men: verily in this is a Sign for those who give thought. [Surah An-Nahl 16:69, Translated A.Yusuf Ali] note:


NOTE: The bee assimilates the juice of various kinds of flowers and fruit, and forms within its body the honey which it stores in its cells of wax. The different kinds of food from which it makes its honey give different colours to the honey. e.g it is dark brown, light brown, yellow, white and so on. The taste and flavour also varies, as in the case of heather honey, the honey formed from scented flowers and so on. As food it is sweet and wholesome, and it is used in medicine. Note that while the instinctive individual acts are described in the singular number, the produce of "their bodies" is described in the plural, as the result of their collective effort.


The are many Hadiths:

Narrated AbuHurayrah: Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said, "If anyone licks honey three mornings every month, he will not be afflicted with any serious trouble." [Tirmidhi No. 1195]

Narrated Abdullah ibn Mas'ud: Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said, "Make use of the two remedies: honey and the Qur'an." [Tirmidhi No. 1196]

Narrated Ibn Abbas: The Prophet said, "Healing is in three things: cupping, a gulp of honey or cauterization, (branding with fire) but I forbid my followers to use cauterization (branding with fire)." [Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 7 (Medicine), Hadith No. 585, M.Muhsin Khan]

Narrated Abu Said Al Khudri: A man came to the Prophet and said, "My brother has some abdominal trouble." The Prophet said to him "Let him drink honey." The man came for the second time and the Prophet said to him, "Let him drink honey." He came for the third time and the Prophet said, "Let him drink honey." He returned again and said, "I have done that." The Prophet then said, "Allah has said the truth, but your brother's abdomen has told a lie. Let him drink honey." So he made him drink honey and he was cured. [Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 7 (Medicine), Hadith No. 588, Translated M.Muhsin Khan]

Allah subhan wata'ala knows best.


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