How to Decide on a Burial Plot

Determining what happens to our bodies after our death can be a grim thought. To help your friends and family cope with your death, however, it is wise to make certain decisions before you die. In fact, you can even eliminate some of the financial on your family by choosing and purchasing a burial plot while you are still alive. Some county, town or city will not allow you to purchase a burial plot before hand. If you would like a say in where you are buried, it is important to make that decision while you live. First, there are many questions you should ask yourself and these tips will help you decide on the location and type of burial plot to choose for yourself.


  1. Determine where other deceased members of your family are buried. This may or may not be important to you. If it is not important, move on to the next step. Some people, however, want to be buried next to their entire family. 
  2. Decide if you would like to be buried next to your spouse or children when they die. If you would like to rest next to your immediate family, it is best to choose burial ground that has enough room for all of you. In fact, leave room for a few extra grandchildren if you can.
  3. Ask about pricing for different burial grounds. You would be surprised at how expensive a plot of land cost of course you will have to choose a burial plot that fits into your budget. Also, consider that most burial plots cost more money if you are not currently living in the area. 
  4. Determine if you would like to purchase ground or buy rights to that land for a designated amount of time. Many cemeteries do not allow you to outright purchase a plot of land. Instead, you buy the right to that land for 10 to 100 years. Typically, you can renew that agreement if you don't die within that time period. If you want to purchase a burial plot, you will need to find burial ground that meets those needs.

Land only gets more expensive as time passes. No matter how old you are, it is best to choose and purchase burial ground, or the right to a plot before you die.


How to Purchase a Cemetery Plot

Purchasing a burial plot can be done far ahead of time or at the time of an impending funeral. Usually, the funeral directors handling the funeral can arrange to purchase the plot, but you can do it yourself if that's your preference.


  1. Choose a cemetery. This choice is made by family preferences, but you should be aware that the price of plots can vary widely from one cemetery to another.
  2. Go to the cemetery and look around. The cemetery staff should provide you with a map of available plots, or will personally guide you around the grounds. Look for a spot you would particularly like for the final resting place of yourself or your loved one(s).
  3. Ask about the cost of the plot and about any opening, closing or other fees set by the cemetery.
  4. Keep in mind that if certain family members want to be buried together, you'll save money by purchasing enough plots for all in the same cemetery at one time.
  5. Let the funeral directors handling the burial know of your preference if a burial is imminent, or handle the sale directly with the cemetery if you're buying the plot for future use.


    • Local Council/Authority
    • Funeral Directors
    • Friends & Family (whose love one past away)
    • Internet Search

    Note: This information is from beginning of 2012.




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