16th Century (1500-1599) C.E.


1500 In the Burji Mamluks empire, Zahir Kanauh overthrown by Ashraf Gan Balat.
1501 Isamil I establishes the Safavid dynasty in Persia, and the Twelve-Imam Shi'ism becomes the state religion.

1507 The Portuguese under d'Albuquerque establish strongholds in the Persian Gulf.
1508 Turkomans of the White Sheep empire, End of the White Sheep dynasty and the annexation of their territories by the Safawids.

1511 D'Albuquerque conquers Malacca from the Muslims.
1517 The Ottoman Sultan Selim Yavuz ("the Grim") defeats the Mamluks and conquers Egypt.
1520 The reign of Sulayman the Magnificent begins.
1526 Louis of Hungary dies at the Battle of Mohacs.
1526 The Battle of Panipat in India, and the Moghul conquest; Babur makes his capital at Delhi and Agra.

1528 The Ottomans take Buda in Hungary.
1529 Unsuccessful Ottoman siege of Vienna.
1550 The architect Sinan builds the Suleymaniye mosque in Istanbul.
1550 The rise of the Muslim kingdom of Atjeh in Sumatra.
1550 Islam spreads to Java, the Moluccas, and Borneo.
1556 The death of Sulayman the Magnificent.
1568 Alpujarra uprising of the Moriscos (Muslims forcibly converted to Catholicism) in Spain.
1571 The Ottomans are defeated at the naval Battle of Lepanto, and their dominance in the Mediterranean is brought to a close.

1578 The Battle of the Three Kings at Qasr al-Kabir in Morocco. King Sebastian of Portugal is killed.

1588 Reign of Safavid Sultan Shah Abbas I begins.
1591 Mustaili Ismailis split into Sulaymanis and Daudis.



15th Century
(1400-1499) C.E.

16th Century
(1500-1599) C.E.

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